At The Grill King our passion is the grilling and serving of the finest variety of Meets, Sea foods, and Side dishes.Theweber1 location of The Grill King has been expressly chosen to provide the utmost seaside experience, while enjoying a nice satisfying meal.

From your seat you will see plunging waves crashing on the rocky shore line less than two meters away with a very pleasing and relaxing sound, and see the waves washout in white fumes right beneath your terrace.

Day and night you can observe from a short distance marine traffic approaching and leaving the harbor.

When the sun calls it a day, more often than not, you will experience spectacular Caribbean sun sets without leaving your seat.

For added amusement, environmentally safe kitchen waste is thrown into the sea for big fish and birds to feed on in front of you, creating great picture shooting scenes.

Marine traffic in and out of the harbor is also a highly commendable picture and filming scenario.

When in a playful mood the waves will, very unpredictable as to the date or time of day, single out a party or single person to wet with a drop or two.

It is believed that the person or persons thus wetted will experience enhanced good fortune.